How To Use Spintax In Cold Emails: Guide To The Basic Approach

Executing cold email campaigns is all cool until you figure out that most emails you send may not end up in mailboxes. You must curate the emails in a befitting way, ensuring they do not end up in the spam. So, what to do?

Using Spintax lets you avoid this issue and ensures higher deliverability to the recipients. It doesn’t let the content of the mail campaign seem identical and helps get increased responses.

We’ll explore more about this and figure out the ins and outs of how to use Spintax in cold emails. Therefore, let us begin!

An Overview Of Spintax

Spintax is a lifesaver for all types of cold email campaigns. It lets you shuffle between different words and phrases and send bulk cold emails. 

Elaborating the word “Spintax” results in Spinning Syntax, which means randomizing the words or phrases. The mechanism of Spinning Syntax is varying the words at the time of sending the cold mail to multiple recipients in one go. So, each recipient will receive a unique cold mail.

It is more likely an entire mechanism that uses a set of words and phrases, where each of these elements is interchangeable. Eventually, this variable mailing in your cold mailing strategy helps to reduce the rate of mail not getting delivered to the recipient and increases higher chances of a reply.

What Are The Impacts Spintax Have On Mail Deliverability?

If cold email campaigns ever had any real-life nemesis, it would be spam filters. Your reputation as a sender will be dictated by these filters and it can badly hurt the mail deliverability rate. 

That said, the average cold email open rate is around 24%, which again varies depending on factors like personalization and uniqueness of the content. But before the mail opening rate comes into the picture, you must know that around 20% of mail campaigns that don’t get opened are likely in the spam folders.

Several reasons escalate in impacting the cold mail. However, Spintax does the job of making the content different despite being sent in bulk. It avoids the possibility of flagging out by the spam filter and works well in alignment with your cold outreach tools in curating openable cold emails. 

That said, service providers aren’t always easy on you regarding mail campaigns. You must properly warm up the cold email domain and ensure the verification to reduce the bounce rate.

Last but not least, Spintax allows you to measure the outcome of different versions of your cold emails. You can improve the overall deliverability after analyzing the differences in click-through rates of message variations.

How To Use Spintax In Cold Emails?

The usage of Spintax entirely depends on how you craft your cold emails with a holistic approach in your cold email strategy. Before trying it out, you must understand how the syntax works. 

As a process, it is pretty straightforward. You’ll have to use curly brackets {} for placing the various phrases and words. As a part of this, multiple words/phrases will be segregated by the vertical bar |, which would be inside the brackets. 

For Example

{Hello | Hi | Greetings} David! {Wishing you a fantastic day so far | Hope you are having a great day | Hoping your day goes with joy and prosperity}

Spun Examples:

  • Hello David! Hope you are having a great day.
  • Hi David! Hoping your day goes with joy and prosperity.
  • Greetings David! Wishing you a fantastic day so far.

When you properly grasp this basic knowledge of Spintax, you will be able to implement it on various factions of cold mailing strategy. From the opening line to various CTA variations and also certain phrases within the content there should be strategic thinking on your part.

What Are Some Of The Best Approaches Of Spintax Usage?

You need to be clever with your mail strategy if you want to get the best out of the cold mail you send. To improve the mail opening rate and avoid spam filters, you can look up some specific practices below:

Keep Word Flow Natural

The words that you use in the mail body, CTA, or even the subject line should have an organic element. Making it robotic would end up going unnoticed. 


“ {Hi | Hello | Hey!} {Name}, {Would you mind | Are you interested} to try out our new {Product | Offering}? “

Use Proper Variations

When you put the words within the brackets, they should be relevant to each other. Using words that give a vague meaning to the context would not connect with the audience. You should always remember that your main goal is to make your mail reach the audience and ensure click-throughs.

Don’t Overuse Synonyms

Using too many synonymous words kills the content intent. Phrases that have similar meanings but are not synonymous are always preferable. Your goal should be easy automation of the words and phrases, not complicated with too many buzzwords.

Execute A/B Testing

Proper evaluation of the contents is a must before you go for execution. You should put more emphasis on the words and their relevance that you included in your mail body content. That’s why checking the outcome on a small scale is a better strategy as it helps you figure out the lackings.

Final Thoughts

Higher deliverability makes the gateway for higher ROI for cold email campaigns. Spun contents from Spintax projects an outcome that has zero downsides.

Always remember that your lead generation strategy through cold mails will always work when content seems unique and gets opened by the target audience. Moreover, you should have multiple templates that will aid you in generating unique content for your campaigns. 

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