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Elevate your outreach strategy with our bespoke prospect list-building services, boasting an impressive 99.99% accuracy. Unleash the potential of tailored lists that perfectly align with your specific targeting criteria. Your ideal prospects are just a click away with ProspectOut!

Manually Verified Contact List
That Meets Your Ideal Client Profile

Are you in search of a tailored B2B prospect list to enhance your business outreach?

We have a team of 15+ manual data researchers who gather a substantial amount of high-quality data every day, and we can provide the same service for your business. Our meticulous manual research process involves in-depth scrutiny, ensuring the accuracy and relevance of each contact in your list. Say goodbye to outdated or irrelevant data, we are committed to delivering a meticulously curated contact list.

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Our List Building Process

1. Understand Your Ideal Client Profile

We initiate the process by understanding your unique business requirements and ideal customer profiles. Your goals, preferences, and specific criteria form the foundation of our approach.

2. Data Research & Collection

We utilize a combination of manual research and premium resources to identify the right prospects. This involves using tools such as LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Google Search, online directories, and premium databases..

3. Email List Verification and Accuracy Assurance

Rigorous validation processes are implemented to guarantee a 99.99% accuracy rate. We cross-verify data points, ensuring that each entry meets the highest standards of reliability.

4. Delivery of Targeted Lists

Once the list-building process is complete, we deliver a refined, targeted B2B prospect list that aligns perfectly with your goals. Expect a comprehensive dataset designed to fuel your marketing and sales endeavors effectively.

Get 100% Valid Email List

Acquire a dependable and current email list with a 100% validity guarantee, ensuring that your communication efforts effectively reach the intended audience. We implement a dual-layered email verification process to confirm the validity of all email addresses. Leveraging top-tier premium email finders and verification tools such as Neverbound, Zerobounce, and Millionverifiyer, we validate the collected email list with precision and reliability.

Resources We Use

In our commitment to delivering top-notch Custom B2B Prospect List Building Services, we leverage a variety of powerful resources to ensure the accuracy and relevance of your contact list. Our approach combines cutting-edge technology with strategic data collection methods. Here are the key resources we utilize:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator

Harnessing the power of LinkedIn, we employ the Sales Navigator tool to access an extensive professional network. This allows us to identify and connect with key decision-makers, ensuring that your prospect list is populated with high-quality leads.

Google Maps

Utilizing the mapping capabilities of Google Maps, we enhance our data accuracy by verifying business locations. This ensures that your contact list not only includes the right individuals but also provides geographic insights for targeted regional campaigns.

Online Directories

We scour reputable online directories to gather information about businesses, industries, and key contacts. This comprehensive approach ensures that our prospect lists are enriched with valuable data from diverse sources, contributing to a more holistic understanding of your target market.


Leveraging the extensive database of ZoomInfo, we access detailed company and contact information. This powerful resource aids in enriching our prospect lists with up-to-date and comprehensive data, ensuring the highest level of accuracy.


Apollo's advanced data enrichment and sales engagement platform play a crucial role in our prospect list building process. By tapping into Apollo's vast database, we can provide you with detailed insights into your target audience, helping you tailor your outreach strategies more effectively.

Advance Technique

In the case of business who doesn't have much information on the web, we utilize advance manual research & google search to find out the their information.

Information We Are Able To Provide


Our pricing is flexible and tailored to suit the unique requirements of your business. Contact us for a personalized quote and discover cost-effective solutions to elevate your B2B prospecting efforts.


Prospect list building refers to the process of identifying and creating a list of potential customers or clients who are likely to be interested in a product or service. This list, often referred to as a prospect list or leads list, is a crucial component of sales and marketing strategies. The goal is to target individuals or organizations that have a high likelihood of converting into customers.

We offer a LinkedIn scraping service tailored to your needs. Simply share your specific criteria with us, and we’ll promptly provide you with a curated list of qualified prospects matching your targets.

Yes, discover significant savings with our cost-effective Apollo lead scraping service, ensuring affordability without compromising quality.

We possess the capability to curate a list of potential leads by extracting information from Google Maps, including business ratings, reviews, and other relevant data.

Utilizing a selection of high-quality email verification tools, our objective is to provide a meticulously verified email list, striving for an impressive 99% accuracy rate.

Before diving in, we offer a preliminary list to help kickstart the process.

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